Bump To Baby Subscription Box

How our Bump to Baby Subscription Boxes work.

You will receive your box every two months.

First dispatch April 20th June 20th August 20th October 20th December 20th and so on.

Purchase needs to be made by the 10th of the dispatch month as shown above. This gives me a chance to do any personalisation and preparation required.

Add to basket the first box you would like to receive.

This guide below is designed as you would receive if you started from anytime from your last 8 weeks of pregnancy.

You can start at any box, keeping in mind that any clothing in the box will be size specific to that age range.

You can purchase as a one off box as a gift or to trial for yourself and Little one or take advantage of our pre pay by adding the boxes to your basket and entering the appropriate discount code for further money off.

You will receive the first bump to baby subscription box on following dispatch date and your boxes will continue every two months.

The cost of the first box is £36.97 and includes UK postage at £3.97. Subsequent payments for boxes will be taken every two months from the date of the initial payment and will run from the initial order age through to 12-18 Months. For example, your first order is for a Newborn box the subscription will run for a further four boxes (over 8 months). If your first order is for a 6-8 Months box your subscription will run for a further two boxes (over 4 months).

Each box if sold separately will have a higher RRP than the cost of your subscription box.

Pregnancy Bump To Baby Subscription Box

This last trimester bump to baby subscription box is perfect as a baby shower gift.

If starting and continuing your 2 monthly subscription box with us please keep in mind the following box has personalisation that requires baby’s DOB, name so it is best to subscribe from the last 8 weeks or less of your pregnancy.

What you will receive:

A beautiful “one day at a time” body suit by Wise Little Words. This body suit is loved and featured by Stacey Solomon and little Rex.

Matching mug for mum “One day at a time”

Perineal Massage Oil

Large cotton white muslin cloth

Pack of beautifully designed monochrome milestones cards for all those funny, cute, milestones photo opportunities.

Candy kitten gourmet sweets

This box retails at £48.46

Newborn Bump To Baby Subscription Box

What you will receive in our newborn bump to baby subscription box:

Black white and red themed box.

We have designed this box based on the scientific research showing that a newborn baby can not see just like we can, especially in the first 6 months.

Did you know Newborns can only focus about 8 to 12 inches from their face, and they see only black, white and grey. As their colour vision begins to develop, babies will see red first – they will see the full spectrum of colours by the time they reach 5/6 months of age.

Personalised taggy comforter.

Exclusively designed high contrast flash cards.

Egg shaker.

Large Sensory foil blanket.

Sensory scarf.

Sensory ribbon wand.

Sensory feathers X2.

Welcome to the world wish bracelet.

Soothing Bottom Spray.

This box retails at £50.99

3-5 Months Bump To Baby Subscription Box

This box is around teething, comfort and self care for mum. Please click the links for full product information.

What you will receive:

Large multi use organic cotton muslin swaddle.

Your choice of Soother clip to secure dummy or teether onto BSEN compliant and UK laboratory tested.

Your choice of colour teething glove.

Your choice of colour teething bib.

Face mask, treat for mum.

This box retails at £50.99.

6-8 Months Bump To Baby Subscription Box

This 6-8 months bump to baby subscription box is around weaning and mum sitting down for 5 with a cuppa and snack.

What you will receive:

Silicone suction bowl.

Matching silicone spoon.

Silicone bowl.


Take away seal pouch for your weaning set.

Silicone cup.

Silicone X2 less spills lid.

Beech wood CE approved bear teether.

Your choice of mug Coffee or Tea edition.

Dairy free gluten free Chocolate treat.

This box retails at £41.65.

9-11 Months Bump To Baby Subscription Box

This box is around bed time routine.

What you will receive:

Softer than clouds personalised dressing gown.

Textile interactive book.

Sleepy mama spray by the birthing company.

This box retails at £44.47

12-18 Months Bump To Baby Subscription Box

This 12- 18 months bump to baby subscription box is around colour, textures, learning, creating bonding and conversation.

What you will receive:

A large box of 10 sensory balls which includes a variety of shapes, textures, numbers and patterns to also encourage conversation learning.


Colour egg sorter 18m

X5 sensory scarfs.

Hamburger teething necklace ( worn by mum or adult )

Bath book

The crown of a mum wish bracelet

Sweets – Fizzy Friends – Vegan Gummy Sweets

This box retails at £49.46

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