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Lucky dip box is all about the element of surprise, whilst getting gorgeous products at a fraction of the price.

How the fun works-

£10.00 you will receive a minimum 3 products chosen at random. £20.00 you will receive 5 products. £35.00 you will receive 7 products one of which will be your choice of colour and size in our High waisted brace tights ( dungarees ) department. simply leave a note at checkout.


What kind of products will be in the mystery lucky dip boxes up for grabs you ask? Silicone teether, Silicone teething necklaces, silicone tableware, Dummy clips, Stacking toys, Mugs, pamper products by luxederm, birthing company range, space masks and more.

This will be purchased with the full knowledge that what is picked is at random and the only request that can be giving is the item of clothing when ordering the £35.00 value box.


Request for me to pick and pack your order and record this to our story. I can also tag you just leave your @ in the note at checkout.

My promise to you. You will always receive a higher value box with a minimum of the quantity items stated. if I feel the end price hasn’t reached your paying price I will go back in to pick another item.

Lauren xx




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