Ribbon Wand


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Ribbon Wand

These pretty, sensory Ribbon Wands feature lengths of ribbon attached to a natural wooden ring.

These sensory toys are ideal for interacting with your baby, encouraging their gross motor skills and enhancing stimulation.

The 7cm wooden ring is CE approved and is an ideal size for baby to grasp.

While the feel and contrasting colours of the ribbon stimulates babies senses. Ribbon ends are sealed to stop any fraying.

Available in bright amusing colourful rainbow themed stripes or black and white.

Black and white stripes are known to more suitable for new-borns and for the first 3 months it has been proven that monochrome colours help to aid a baby’s visual development.

Use this ribbon wand to glide and swoosh over your baby and watch as they try to grasp hold.

Colours may appear different due to lighting etc.

This is not a teether and must only be used under strict adult supervision to prevent baby putting the ribbon and ring in their mouth. 


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