Sensory Stacking Blocks Toy


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Sensory Stacking Blocks Toy

This Sensory Stacking Blocks Toy features a cute animal pattern design and textured surfaces.

Perfect for helping babies and toddlers to learn grip and coordination.

The patterned shapes and different colors are good for helping baby to recognise colours and shapes.

While the grooves and bumps gently rub a baby’s gums without harming the child’s mouth area.

These blocks can be bitten and chewed, helping to alleviate the discomfort of teething.

These blocks also float and spray water, making it an ideal bathing toy for your child.

And can be sterilised at up to 100ºc so that you can be confident that your child won’t pick up any nasty bugs or germs.

This product is non-toxic and made of high quality material, soft and comfortable, safe and durable for your baby’s use.


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