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Sensory Toy Boxes 123

These sensory toy boxes allow you and your children to explore sensory play together right from day one.

Are you missing your baby and toddler playgroups? Maybe you don’t have any groups accessible to attend or you can’t commit to regular classes due to work or other commitments.

Now you can explore sensory play at home any time or anywhere.

These boxes are suitable from Birth upwards under parental supervision and items will grow and become more enticing as your baby get older.

You’ll get great joy from seeing your baby or toddler reach their milestones during activities from learning to grasp, tummy time, rolling over, giggles, facial expressions, dance and movement to gaining confidence.

What’s included: ✓Wooden Maraca ✓Egg shaker ✓Large Foil blanket ✓Spiky flashing textile ball ✓Book suitable for bath time (waterproof) ✓Sensory scarf x2 ✓Sensory ribbon wand ✓Bubbles x2 ✓Detailed play guide for simple safe ideas for using the contents inside ✓ Soft safety mirror (also suitable for bath time) ✓Hand held fan

Encourage babies interest in colour ~ Encourage babies to track and follow objects, helping to strengthen the eye muscles ~ Encourage babies to reach out ~ Encourage babies to grab and develop hand/eye co-ordination ~ Encourage babies to turn towards and follow sounds made ~ Enjoy social stimulation: smile, laugh and gurgle -Respond to facial expression ~ Encourage physical development through response to touch and holding objects.

These boxes make a perfect personalised gift for a baby shower, new baby arrival, boredom box, fun educational tools for baby/toddler development, 1st and 2nd birthday.

Note: Bath book and Ribbon wand may be different depending on stock but just as good.

DISCLAIMER All items inside should be used by an adult with child as a learning resource and under supervision at all times to prevent putting items in their mouths or covering face with scarf or foil blanket. None of the items inside are teethers therefore should never be chewed on or placed in mouth. Avoid contents getting wet as colours may run. *Wash sensory scarf on its own as colour may run. Hand wash preferred.

10% profit from each sale will be donated to The Children’s Cancer unit charity close to my heart* Thank you for your contribution

You will have the option to select Gender neutral colour options Boy option Girl option

And a note section to write who it’s TO/FROM and a message if you wish like welcome to the world, Happy first birthday 🙂🎁


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